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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Salvage Update: Dr. James, Hamlet, NC - Medical Negatives

 We've received questions asking about the medical negatives found on our James House salvage job, featured in Episode 5 of Salvage Dawgs:

Here are just a few examples of the many negatives found in the barn.  Dr. James was a pioneer in the field of cancer research and documented many of his patients in these negatives.  To learn more about Dr. James and the Hamlet Hospital, click HERE and HERE.

The medical negatives are available here at our shop for $10 each.


Tanya said...

i saw those in your shop...they are neat in a creepy way!

SharkGirl1220 said...

I found a new favorite site..
Thank's guys!

I love the glass negs.

Anonymous said...

Just happened to catch your show on HGTV last night! LOVED it!! I love the content but thought your personalities came across well on the show. Hope you will be able to make more!! I'll be tuning in and next time we are in the Roanoke area we will be sure to stop in! :)

Anonymous said...

We bought a few of these the day after Christmas....some of them were a little creepy, we bought 2 that are not to bad...have a project in mind, will send photo when complete.