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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest Salvage Job: Hamlet, NC - Carved Marble Mantel!

The guys have just returned from their latest salvage adventure in Hamlet, NC - saving architectural details from an 1896 farmhouse.

This stunning mantle was added sometime in the 1940s/1950s.

Complete Antique Marble Fireplace

Available here at:
Roanoke, VA 

here are a few more photos from the home - check our Ebay Store for more salvaged items:

The homeowner sent some additional photos of the house in its glory days!


Robert Barwick said...

My wife grew up in Hamlet, NC and remembers this house from her brought back great your show.

Anonymous said...

So sad that they couldn't preserve this place. Such a gem!

Rj Osler said...

I am watching the episode with the house and it looks like a jewel. Hmmp hmm hmmpf. Sure hate that another American craftsmanship is going. Historically beautiful :)

Sandy Spivey said...

Does anyone know the address of this house? Would like to see it before it is torn down. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why they had to demo it?? It was such a beautiful place that should have been preserved! Very very sad...I am sure someone will build a cookie cutter house there with vinyl siding...where is all the old world charm going??? I would take that house any day over a new one...very sad...