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Friday, February 22, 2013


We just received these 4 sets of millstones from Ben Hassett, owner of B. E. Hassett Millwrights

Each set could be put back into operation will a little refurbishment.  They could also be used for educational displays in a museum environment, because they are very unique and rare. Both sets are clockwise rotation and monolithic stones.

Price per set $4,000.

2 sets (a & b) are 42" French buhr stones that were salvaged from Sandidges Mill in Amherst County.  French buhrs were quarried in the Marine River Valley in France and shipped over as ballast on ships.  The millstones were then assembled in yards up and down the east coast. These stones are in very good shape and could be put back into operation for grinding grain.  

2 sets (c & d) are 48" from a Mill outside of Rural Retreat, VA.  Both sets of stones are dressed for clockwise rotation.  One stone is granite and possibly came from the Blacksburg, VA or Rocky Mount, NC area.  The other stone may be what is known as a Racoon Buhr stone. We believe it was quarried in Ohio.  It is a very porous aggressive looking gray stone, with aggregate inclusions.  * note: Ben has never seen another set of stones like these.

For more information about French Buhr and Raccoon Stones, click HERE.

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