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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bright Leaf Horse & Mule Pull Sign

We have had an amazing response to the first 5 episodes of Salvage Dawgs - many thanks to everyone for writing, calling and visiting us at our warehouse!  It's be so fun to hear from folks across the country.  I just received this email and wanted to share it:

I just discovered your great program on DIY and when I realized you were in Roanoke it make it even better.  However, last night was extremely special to me.  My father died last October at age 86 and my parents had been married for 65 years, so to help my mother transition to being alone, our family has been staying the nights with her.  Last night was my night and I introduced my mom to your show.  As we were watching, you were at an area that had mostly automobiles and buses, however among all this wreckage you discovered what you called a "real treasure," a sign with a horse with a clover in it's month which  was advertising, I think, the Bright Leaf farm.  I looked at the sign and said to my mom, that looks like a sign that dad painted and sure enough she remembered the sign and says she even has a picture of it. She remembers especially because once the sign was painted Dad was asked to add the piece of clover in the horses mouth.  Dad did sign painting as a side job.  This particular sign was painted for the head of the Farm Bureau in Chatham, Va.  How it ended up in this area, who knows. My mother teared up knowing that my dad's talent is still alive even after his death.  We were especially excited to see the value at $475.  Mom says he painted it about 35 or 40 years ago.

Just thought you might find this interesting.  Love your show and plan to visit at some time!

We are happy to see this artwork live on - it just sold to a customer in Ferrum, VA - and we'll be sure to pass along its history!

For more information about the artist, click HERE!

Window Frame Coffee Table made by Salvage Dawgs father/daughter Mike and Grace Whiteside!

We've received a lot of questions about the coffee table shown in Episode 3 of Salvage Dawgs (shown above).  Black Dog Salvage co-owner Mike and daughter, Grace, collaborated on the design using a salvaged window frame, reclaimed hardware, bead board, balusters and vintage aluminum newspaper printing plates.

This table has sold but we are continuing to make more!  To view our current inventory of custom designs, click HERE

Here are some more examples of similar tables we've made using salvaged window frames:

  note: leather hinges!

Not sure Mike and Tay were very excited to pose for this photo! 

Grace is following in her parents artistic footsteps (Mom, Susie Whiteside, is an interior designer). She'll be heading off to VCU's Art School this fall, hard to believe she's already heading off to college!  Seems like just yesterday she was celebrating Molly's (the 1st Black Dog) birthday.

Here she is all grown up with my little guy, Henry!

To view some of Gracie's photography, click HERE!

Salvage Dawgs Episode 4: Bent Mill Grist Mill, Bent Mountain, VA

The Black Dog Crew headed to Bent Mountain, VA to salvage this neglected Grist Mill.

Here's what it looks like back at the shop:

This is still in working order! 
Many thanks to Ben, owner of B. E. Hassett Millwrights, for taking the time to work with us on this salvage project.  Ben was a great resource in determining the value of the mill and suggested that we sell it in its entirety, rather than piece by piece.  It's available here at Black Dog Salvage for $12,000.

Salvage Job: Bent Mountain Grist Mill

The guys recently headed to Bent Mountain, VA to salvage an abandoned grist mill.  They are pictured here with owner Charlie and his pup, J. Edgar Hoover.

Smaller than most mills, wonder if it could have been used for moonshining?  The 'Moonshine Capital' is just down the road!

 Mike reached out to Ben Hassett, owner of B. E. Hassett Millwrights to see what they had on their hands.  Ben was a great resource in determining the value of the mill and suggested that we sell it in its entirety, rather than piece by piece.  Unfortunately for Mike, that meant we put a hold on selling his newly created (and quite beautiful!) coffee table. 

Note: the castings were made locally in Salem, VA by Salem Machine Works

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