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Friday, December 21, 2012

Salvage Dawgs - following the adventures of Black Dog Salvage - on the DIY Network AND HGTV!

Many thanks to everyone for watching Salvage Dawgs!  We've really enjoyed the feedback from new and old friends these last few weeks. It's been a great experience, thanks to the talented and fun folks at Trailblazer Studios!

We just received exciting news that the show will air on HGTV - January 3rd and January 10th at 8pm and 8:30pm!

The first 5 episodes have run on the DIY Network and are showing again in re-runs. For the schedule, click HERE.  To find your local channel, click HERE.

For some background information on each episode, see the links below:

We'll start filming again in January, with new episodes airing next Summer...stay tuned!

For updates, 'like' these facebook pages:

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Brian of said...

Love the show! Keep up the great work. Y'all inspire my work further than my brain does already.