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Friday, May 22, 2015

Up-cycling with Woodcraft & Black Dog Salvage

 Black Dog Salvage is proud to partner with Woodcraft, one of the oldest and largest suppliers of woodworking tools and supplies, to promote the growing up-cycling movement!
If you have had the chance to see behind the scenes here at the Black Dog shop you would know that Woodcraft helps make it all possible. Haven't been to visit yet?
Here's a tour:

Why Woodcraft? 

Woodcraft has the products that will help any DIY enthusiast transform salvage into treasure. We've heard from people that Salvage Dawgs has helped inspire them to see things differently and to save items that once would have been destined for the dump. From hand tools to power tools to finishing products Woodcraft can not only help you select the right tools for the job but you get expert knowledge from friendly people who are passionate about up-cycling and who use these products every day. You just can't get that from a big box store.

Don't be intimidated, everyone has to start somewhere! Woodcraft has classes to help you learn the basics of hand and power tools all the way up to classes for completed projects. It's easier than you think.  (Click here to find your nearest location)

We were recently introduced to the greater Woodcraft family at their National Sales Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Louisville, KY.  It was great to meet so many dedicated store owners, sales managers and vendors with a passion for woodworking. We discovered that each owner has a unique story and path that brought them to Woodcraft.  Ask them to share their story, we promise you'll be inspired. If you haven't visited your local Woodcraft store, go now! 

Fun facts about Woodcraft: 

  • Facebook's Menlo, CA Campus has a state-of-the-art Woodcraft Shop and Mini Store - one of the many perks for Facebook employees!  
  • Hawaii is one of the top Woodcraft stores (next on our bucket list!).
  • Woodcraft of Rockville offers a Woodworkers Club with access to tools, materials and classes.

Vince Grlovich, Woodcraft Vice President for Sales and Marketing, introduced Mike and Robert during the conference to discuss our partnership and the importance of reclaiming and re-purposing salvaged materials. 

In addition to the conference, we had the opportunity to participate in the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show - which was a ton of fun!   Our vintage ShowHauler provided a unique setting for our booth. One might call this a mullet on wheels... party up front (RV) and business in the back (garage).

 We had the pleasure of meeting Nick Cook, master wood turner and demonstrator for Powermatic, and Nancy Farris, with Robert Sorby.

Nick even offered to come see us in Roanoke for a wood turning demonstration!  We're excited to make that happen and will post more information, when available.

It was great to meet fellow Woodcraft partners Scott and Suzy Phillps of The American Woodshop and Tommy Mac of Rough Cuts.

Fun fact:
The American Woodshop's ratings soared 43% when Suzy joined the show!


 Do you remember this mirror

We were happy to send Dwayne Ernest, owner of Woodcraft of Phoenix (and Salvage Dawgs fan!), home with the mirror - thanks Dwayne!

 We brought a few custom pieces from the shop including this coffee table made from a salvaged window frame.

Be sure to check out the June/July 2015 issue of Woodcraft Magazine for the article
 "Making Good with Salvaged Wood"

We had the opportunity to show Salvage Dawgs episodes on our tailgate thanks to Lee Hartman and Sons.  They are experts in the Audio Visual world and just plain great folks to work with all around.  Headquartered in Roanoke since 1936, they have offices throughout the Mid Atlantic, Ohio Valley and Southeastern United States.  Check them out for any AV design, installation, rental or sales needs!

 Overall, we had a wonderful time in Louisville, KY getting to know the Woodcraft Family.
We look forward to up-cycling together!

Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show - products that caught our eye!

L-R: Tommy Mac (Rough Cuts), Scott and Suzy Phillips (The American Woodshop), Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside (Black Dog Salvage)

Each year Woodcraft hosts a private Vendor Trade Show for franchise owners and sales managers to meet their vendors and learn about the products first hand.  As partners with Woodcraft, we enjoyed the opportunity to participate and get a front row look at the latest tools available on the market.

Here are a few products that caught our eye:

The Festool TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw

Play the video above to see how much dust this incredible cordless tool can catch!

Apollo Sprayers
 These High-Volume, Low-Pressure (HVLP) sprayers save on waste and are highly efficient.  We can't wait to try this product out in the shop!

GRR-Ripper by Micro Jig

You know it's a good product when it's introduced to you by another vendor!  The fine folks at Kreg told us we had to check out Grr-Ripper by Micro Jeg.  These innovative tools are designed to protect one thing... your fingers.  We can't wait to try them - not that there's anything wrong with missing fingers.  We understand.
Soy Gel Professional Paint Stripper  - we can't wait to try this!  If you've ever stripped a piece of furniture, you know that "100% biodegradable, has no known health hazards, is virtually odorless, and best of all, it works" was music to our ears.

General Finishes

We enjoyed meeting Tom and Sheryl Monahan from General Finishes. Our finishing crew works exclusively with General Finishes' Polyurethane and are told that we'll see great savings when we use the Apollo  Sprayers (mentioned above).


You may have seen the K'A'RCHER 'Clean Team' join forces with Nicole Curtis (from HGTV's Rehab Addict) to help clean up Detroit.  They are simply awesome. People and Products. Win Win.  Check them out HERE.

Fein MultiMaster & Hammer Drill Renovation Kit

Top notch quality and precision... and best of all it's cordless.
The ultimate tool for the Dawgs on the road!

These and many more products are available online and at your local Woodcraft store.

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A new season of Salvage Dawgs premieres June 7th at 10pm EST on the DIY Network. 

To celebrate, we are giving away our favorite generator — the EU2000i.

While Sally watches over the shop, our trusty companion for any salvage job is a portable generator. The Dawgs have come to rely on the Honda EU2000i to shed light on forgotten treasures and power up needed tools. To celebrate the premier of Season 4 of Salvage Dawgs, one lucky winner will receive an EU2000I ($1149.95 value), with prizes drawn daily.

Prizes include:
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Depression Glassware

Depression Glassware doesn’t sound very enticing, but it is actually quite lovely.  It came about during our country’s Great Depression.  A loaf of bread cost about a nickel, and so did a simple pressed glass dish from the five and dime store.  That little dish brought some color into an otherwise bleak time period for our country.  

Over a hundred patterns of Depression Glassware were manufactured in the U.S. by approximately 20 companies and distributed across the United States and Canada during the 1920’s thru the 40’s.  The most prevalent colors were light to medium green, pink, amber, along with clear glass. Fewer pieces were made in amethyst, true canary yellow, cobalt blue, opaque black, jadeite, white milk glass, and red.  With pattern names like Patrician, Old Colony, Holiday, Queen Mary, Royal Lace, Princess, and Cherry Blossom, the lady of the house could add a bit of elegance to her table for little to no expense.

Food companies would give away pieces as premiums inside their product’s box.  When you filled up your car, gas stations would give you a different piece of a collection each month. If you spent a certain amount in the grocery store you could “earn” a new piece for your dining table each week. Some companies gave away pieces of Depression Glassware if you just came into their place of business. Fairs used the glassware as prizes for their games. Toss the penny in the dish and it would be yours.

This glassware was not expensive to manufacture.  There were flaws in the glass, obvious seams, etc., but getting something for free in such a desperate time was uplifting.  The glass brought color into the home, elevated spirits, and was considered a “prize”.  

Since the 1960’s people have been collecting Depression Glassware.  While some pieces can still be had for a few dollars at yard sales and antique malls, rarer patterns and colors can command prices in the hundred’s.  Before the creation of online shopping with sources like eBay, collectors had to travel and network among themselves in order to find pieces to complete their collections.  Today you can find a plethora of depression glassware on the internet.  But watch out, a number of different companies are reproducing the old patterns and it is becoming harder and harder to determine was is real depression glassware and what is a reproduction.  

The National Depression Glassware Association is a great source of information.  On their website you can find out when and where the next show and sale of Depression Glassware is to take place, purchase books concerning the glassware,  meet collectors and exchange information, and learn all about the different patterns and manufacturers of the glass.

Happy Collecting!

Susan Hudson

Monday, May 11, 2015

Cast Iron Georgia Syrup Kettles

Black Dog Salvage has reproduced 19th Century

 Cast Iron Georgia Syrup Kettles

Reproduction Syrup Kettle

Cast Iron Syrup Kettles were used in the early 19th Century American south to produce sugar from sugar cane. This method was borrowed from 18th Century plantations in the European colonies of the Caribbean. The sugar cane was crushed using an animal-powered mill. The resulting cane juice was heated in the kettle, clarified and evaporated in multiple kettles of decreasing size.
Our kettles are an exact replica of an antique. While researching our kettle on the internet we found this story from a forum about kettle repair:
“I can remember as a boy feeding the cane grinder as a mule pulled the pole around and around all the kin under the shelter with a fire going under the syrup kettle and my Grandfather supervising making the syrup. The skimming around the edge of the kettle would cook hard and there was never a better tasting candy.”

While Sugar Kettles are no longer used in the production of sugar from sugar cane, there are many ways to enjoy these simple and elegant kettles. Out favorite is as a fire pit, nothing beats kicking back with a cold beverage to share stories and a few laughs after a tough week of salvaging, we also have them set up on site as a fountain (now with a liner).  In addition, the kettles are well suited for container or water gardening, as well as grand lawn ornaments.
Our kettles are priced at $725. This is a bargain considering the originals can fetch multiple thousands of dollars. We understand you could spend $100 or $200 at a big box store for a smaller, light-weight fire pit to enjoy, but keep in mind that these other metal bowls are not cast iron and will only last a season or two before the bottoms fall out of them. Our kettles are made to last for generations!
There are many stand options for the kettles. It is possible to set the kettle in the ground, use stone to stabilize them or use landscape block to create a well to set them in. We have stands available; they are priced at $395. Our metal shop can create a custom made stand for your new kettle; please inquire for options and pricing.
These beauties weigh in at 310Lbs. Please call or email for more information about shipping options. (540) 343-6200 or