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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Window Frame Coffee Table made by Salvage Dawgs father/daughter Mike and Grace Whiteside!

We've received a lot of questions about the coffee table shown in Episode 3 of Salvage Dawgs (shown above).  Black Dog Salvage co-owner Mike and daughter, Grace, collaborated on the design using a salvaged window frame, reclaimed hardware, bead board, balusters and vintage aluminum newspaper printing plates.

This table has sold but we are continuing to make more!  To view our current inventory of custom designs, click HERE

Here are some more examples of similar tables we've made using salvaged window frames:

  note: leather hinges!

Not sure Mike and Tay were very excited to pose for this photo! 

Grace is following in her parents artistic footsteps (Mom, Susie Whiteside, is an interior designer). She'll be heading off to VCU's Art School this fall, hard to believe she's already heading off to college!  Seems like just yesterday she was celebrating Molly's (the 1st Black Dog) birthday.

Here she is all grown up with my little guy, Henry!

To view some of Gracie's photography, click HERE!

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Tanya Breese said...

i love the way all those tables turned out! i know, they grow so fast :( good luck to her!