Thursday, April 9, 2015

Roanoke Valley HOME Magazine features custom addition by Blue Ridge Residential and Black Dog Salvage

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Roanoke Valley Home Magazine.

Flip to page 40 for "Home, Reimagined" featuring a beautiful custom addition by Robert Kulp.  This project was a great collaboration between Robert's two companies: Blue Ridge Residential and Black Dog Salvage .

Here's an excerpt, reprinted with permission from HOME Magazine with images by Kevin Hurley Photography

"In their first renovation, while they were still in Mississippi, the Johns redid the kitchen, added the extra bedroom, and then stopped.  In their rush to make the home habitable for their family, Chris and Jenny did a few things they wish they had done differently.  They felt like their renovated kitchen was not large enough, that the family simply needed more space than they realized.  So a few years after settling into their home, the couple called in their dear friend Robert Kulp of Black Dog Salvage and Blue Ridge Residential for his assistance to correct these issues. Kulp understood exactly how Chris and Jenny wanted to enhance their home.  "His vision is like ours, open and rustic," says Jenny.  The result of their collaboration is an enormous great room that extends from the back of the kitchen.

Kulp has created a family-friendly space including a huge sunroom and outdoor entertainment zone. The John home is the neighborhood gathering place.  As Harris says, "It is all about 'come in, sit down and be comfortable."

Thanks to Kulp and his vision, an expansive 500-square-foot sunroom extends into their back yard.  With three walls of windows, hewn beams and a high ceiling, the room is dramatic and perfect for an active family.  With Kulp's contacts in the salvage world, he was able to reclaim beams from an old barn and resurrect the floors from a Birmingham tobacco barn.  The outer brick wall of the original home is now an inside wall.  Oriental rugs cover portions of the floor to add warmth and style.  A large table stretches across a portion of the room and is ideal fro projects, homework or a holiday dinner.  Jenny describes this as "the best room of the house."  It is a family room, a party room, an everything room.

Kulp recognized the importance of entertainment space, and used this great room as the anchor.  An area closest to the kitchen serves as a wet bar, complete with wine refrigerators, a sink and a small bar.  An outer door leads to a side porch and an outdoor kitchen with a large grill, smoker, cooking area and fireplace.  Nearby outdoor seating and a generous-sized patio doubling as a dance floor are ideal extensions of this new addition."

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Monday, August 12, 2013

48" Cast Iron Fire Pit / Fountain w/ newly designed Iron Stand - modeled after Antique Syrup Kettles

Introducing our new line of cast iron fire pits.  Designed with a nod to the original syrup kettles, these make great fire pits, planters and fountains!

48" diameter $925

Custom iron stand $450

Available here at:

Please call 540-343-6200
or email:
for a shipping quote

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Salvage Job: Post-War Colonial Revival Home - NW Washington, DC - Aluminum Ogee Conservatory

The Black Dog Crew recently teamed up with Second Chance in Baltimore, MD to salvage this Post-War Colonial Revival Home in Northwest Washington, DC.

The job included removing this aluminum conservatory available here at our shop (disassembled - sorry, no manual available!) for $12,000.

      No small task but well worth saving this beautiful structure! 

* note: there are a few panes of glass missing and the top panels (double insulated plastic) were not salvaged.

Approximate footprint size:
Left side: 19' 10"
Right side: 17' 6"
Back wall 19' 6"
Heel Height 9' 6"
Overall Height 17' 6"

*** note: all roof panels require replacement

Available here at:
Roanoke, VA

For other items salvaged from this home, please see our Ebay Store HERE

Here are a few more photos of the conservatory:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Salvage Job: Homestead Preserve Stables

The Black Dog Crew recently headed to Hot Springs, VA to salvage the Homestead Preserve stables, located on the former property of The Homestead Resort.

The original stables (above) were lost in a fire and replaced with 'the old stables' (below) in the early 1900s.  These stables were critical to the hotel operations when transportation depended on horses.  The building stored carriages and horses that were used to transport guests and was known as 'The Livery" for equestrian and then motor service during the era of train transportation.  The hotel also provided equestrian activities such as fox hunting, trail riding, dressage and jumping.  

A modern equestrian facility was built in the late 1980's on the hotel grounds and 'the old stables' served as storage and fell into disrepair.   The Homestead sold the property to Celebration Associates in 2003 as part of a 13,000 acre land sale, of that, 9,000 acres were transferred to The Nature Conservancy to establish the Warm Springs Mountain Preserve, 800 acres were put into a conservation easement with the Virginia Outdoor Foundation and 2,500 acres were set aside for the Homestead Preserve.

In 2012 Bath County declared it a 'nuisance structure' because it was unsafe to occupy.  It was decided to demolish the structure to make way for future development on the site. 

Not sure they could have picked a colder few days for the job but it sounds like it didn't take long to warm up!


Welcome Grayson to the team, this was her first salvage job with the Black Dog Crew!

The carriage elevator was still in tact and the crew was able to bring it back to the shop!

This beautiful bead board (some pieces are double sided) was salvaged from the tack room walls - available for $1.50 per linear foot. 

Many stall doors made it back to the shop with lots of potential! $375 each

Sorry Virginia Lovers, we had two of these signs that sold the day they arrived!

No words!


The crew was able to salvage these massive trusses.

Two are solid and two have been repaired (shown above).

They made it look easy bringing them back to the shop!

We're selling the 4 reclaimed trusses as a set for $12,000.
Approximate measurements:
31.5 feet wide x 8 feet tall x 8"-8 3/4" thick

Check back for more updates and to see our online inventory, visit our Ebay Store HERE.

Roanoke, VA