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Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome back Mike! We'll miss you Sally...

Our head dog Mike has just returned from a much needed escape to beautiful Costa Rica. He & his family explored the countryside and stayed for awhile with friends who run Coral Hill Bungalows in Cahuita, Costa Rica. We'll get him to blog later about the trip...

Sadly for me, that means I must give up Sally, the Salvage Dog ~ she's been my shadow while Mike was away... there's no doubt that my pups Tarka & Moses will be in withdrawal from their playmate tonight. They had a ball spending the week together.

Here's a few pics of one of my favorite evenings with them... there's nothing better than 3 pups at your feet while working away online... all furiously chewing bones and then moments later, passed out in complete contentment!

We'll miss you Sal Sal!!!

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