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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simply Put - Home Redesign & Staging in Roanoke, VA

Our very own Koiner Kulp Thomas (head merchandiser here @ The Dog) and Courtney Cronin (who provides fabulous finds & creations via "The Dot Spot" located here in our Marketplace) have joined forces to offer Home Redesign & Staging Services in the Roanoke Valley.

They specialize in helping you reduce, reuse and recycle your existing furniture.

Have too much clutter? Not sure how to make your favorite piece of furniture, artwork, fabric work in your home? Want to give your room a new look without blowing your budget? Looking to sell your home in this tough competitive market?

Call Koiner & Courtney for a consultation!

I can speak from experience that Koiner has the magic touch ~ as a friend, I've thankfully been able to utilize her services these past few years for my own little cottage. It's gotten to the point where if my husband drives up & sees her car out front, he knows for sure that something has been rearranged inside (or that I've snuck another Black Dog find into our house)! Koiner has a terrific eye for design & color ~ to see for yourself, come browse through our showroom.

Courtney's creative energy is evident in her booth here @ Black Dog called 'The Dot Spot' ~ she has a knack for finding furniture with great bones and bringing pieces back to life. I have her to thank for many a side table in my house!

Together, the two are great fun to work with and will offer a professional and creative eye to their clients.

For Consultation or Appointment call:

Koiner Kulp Thomas 540-293-1542 cell or
Courtney Cronin 540-798-5454 cell or
Certified Home Makeover Specialists

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