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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vintage Virginia Wine fest 08

The last time we blogged I was waiting for homeland security to let the container into the country. We got it 3 weeks late heavily handled but clear of any security threat to the people of the United States. Sleep well tonight America.

After unpacking and removing all the tropical funk we start to peddle our wares. Things being slow in the retail world, we have had somewhat disappointing results here in SW VA. So I pack up the trailer and head to the Vintage Virginia wine fest in Centerville VA.

Now you are wondering what does Black Dog Salvage and a wine fest have in common? The fine people of Northern VA like to buy too after an afternoon of fine wine and music. We are a sponsor of Floydfest in Floyd VA and the promoters of that extravaganza also produce the wine fest as well.
Wanting something cool for people to look at and buy, we get an invitation. Truth being said I called Erica & Linda up at the last minute and begged to be let in do a little marketing up that way. They found a spot on stage left right by the west entrance and a row of privies. Great location. When people drink they got to go, so there we were.

Saturday started out OK. Then rolls in a nasty line of thunder storms and wind mixed with lots of lightning, not good! Linda and the local law tell every one get out NOW! Then the bottom falls out. We hunker down in the Black Dog trailer with a cold beer and a fine cigar. About an hour later the worst is over and there are still people that want to party. Go figure.
All the more mature people depart for drier surrounds and the younger crowd finish the day with music, wine and just out of collage guys sliding down the hill on their bellies ( a brown slip and slide comes to mind). The park ranger was pissed, as she had just got that patch of grass to grow. More drunks than I have seen in one place well in quit a while. Thank Buddha for the tour buses and a Saturday to sleep it off.

Sunday had better weather and the mature crowd stayed and took home some of the treasures we brought to sell. The best sellers were the Buddhas and the teak root furniture, not to mention the winking guys. Only a few of my wine racks sold and it was a wine fest - now what was that all about? My goods went from the wine fest to PA, MD, and of course Northern VA - even had a wonderful teak table go th Anchorage AK. Thanks Andie, hope it looks great in your home.

My partner in retail was John Davis of John Davis Antique, right here in Roanoke VA. John's wine tables and freight cart coffee tables were a hit but the big star was John's Tear Drop tow behind camp trailer. Custom made and appointed with beautiful woods and inlays it was a real head turner. John makes these to order so don't delay in getting yours in production for your next outing. Thanks for all the help John and I want mine longer and in blue.

So thanks to all the people that took a little of the Black Dog home with them and to the others that just came over to talk. We had a great time. Visit our online store if you wake up and said Oh I should have grabbed that bench or Buddha or what ever. We are still here just a mouse click away or if you are on the way by, stop on in. Sally will be waiting.

When we next meet.

Mike @ The Dog

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