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Friday, June 13, 2008

Custom Reclaimed Wood Tables

Custom tables available from Black Dog Salvage

These two beauties just came out of our workshop...
The top picture is a reclaimed white oak top with antique iron base - this is a classic dining table - large enough & sturdy enough for the whole family - I see lots of late night homework & projects being done on this table!
The bottom picture is a reclaimed cedar table top with aluminum cradle base - the warmth of the top paired with the edginess of the base is a terrific combination! I see this in a renovated loft with plenty of room for the gang to gather around or in a conference room.
One of the fun things about spending the days here @ Black Dog is that there's always something new showing up on our sales floor - these kinds of custom designs are one my favorites. I'm always amazed at what our craftsman come up with (as I have very little DIY skills myself!).
It's always exciting to work with a client and have something designed for them (& often times by them). We'll post some pictures in future blogs to show what some of our clients have created.
In the meantime, these two tables are available for sale here in our retail shop and in our Ebay Store. Check out our Ebay store for more examples of custom designs.

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