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Sunday, January 6, 2013

RR&E Car 56 at Memorial and 13th St - Magic City Launders & Cleaners circa 1948

One of the nicest things to come out of having a TV show is hearing from folks all across the country. We were thrilled to receive this email from a native Roanoker who recently discovered us on HGTV - (be sure to tune in Thursday, January10th at 8pm for Episode 2 and 3!)

I grew up in Roanoke and remember when your building at Memorial and 13th Street was Magic City Cleaners and Storage.  I would pass by regularly when heading downtown on the streetcar.  In 2006 I wrote a book about the Roanoke streetcars for the historical society and in the process of obtaining photos I received the attached photo from Gordon Hamilton of Roanoke who shot the picture shortly before service ended in 1948. I did not use this photo in the book but did use a number of Gordon's photographs including the one on the cover.  I think you will find the photo of interest.

photo credit: Gordon Hamilton, 1948

I wrote Gordon, who still lives in Roanoke, and he graciously agreed for us to use his photo.  He also provided this background information:
Incidentally, this car had just left the Raleigh Court end-of-line located just south of the intersection of Grandin Road and Brandon Ave., and was headed for Patterson Ave., Campbell Ave., Jefferson St., and then a large loop through South Roanoke on 26th St., Rosalind Ave., 27th St., Wycliffe Ave. 26th St. (again), Avenham Ave., Broadway Ave., 22th St. and then back to Jefferson St. to retrace its route to back to Raleigh Court.

Our building has held a number of businesses since its days as a cleaners but you can still see remnants of the fur vault upstairs - be sure to look out for the the cork lined walls.

If anyone has other photos of the building when it was Magic City Launders and Cleaners, we'd love to see them!


Sunnybrook Farm said...

What a neat photo! We watched the show on Thursday and really enjoyed it.

David Cochran said...

Great show! I just found it on HGTV! Its an art to salvage old homes... It took a lot of time to install some of these's old treasures but more time to extract them! Regards, David Cochran Middletown, DE