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Thursday, January 24, 2013

HUGE 11+ foot wide Antique Stained Glass Arched Panels - ON SALE - 2 Available

note: originally published January 14, 2009
These salvaged stained glass arches
(two available)
would make an incredible addition
to any home or business
click here for the Ebay listing

here's one arch (pictured in the center)
before it was salvaged from an 1896 church in
Washington, PA (outside of Pittsburg)
sadly, the church was torn down
to make room for a parking lot
(can't help but start humming joni mitchell)

and here's how it looked when it
arrived here at

the guys worked hard to remove
this and other great finds
including this door
the motely crew:
borzo, jake, mike, tay & robert
to read about the adventures
salvaging these windows,
check out Mike's Dog Tales
article here
for more Dog Tales,
click here

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