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Friday, December 28, 2012

What in the world was this sink used for? Update: The "Standard" Straddle Stand

Update: sometimes ignorance is bliss...

Many thanks to Walter K. Parker II, The Old School Plumber, for sending these photos - taken from a 1936 "Standard" catalog.

It turns out these 'Straddle Stands' (patent date 1919) were designed by the Army for use during the World War to treat and prevent sexual diseases. This sink would have originally had a stand with a foot petal to operate and control the temperature of the water.  

The Standard Sanitary Mfg. Co. was the only company to manufacture this sink and restricted the sale primarily to the U.S. Army and Navy, Government, State and City Health Departments, Hospitals and Physicians in good standing.


We stumbled upon this antique / vintage cast iron sink and are stumped as to how it was used!

We've had lots of guesses...
mainly bidet, hair salon, dental sink, mortuary sink, industrial eye washing sink...

If you know what it is, please let us know!

Roanoke, VA

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Hope you washed your hands!