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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Say it ain't so...

 We have arrived at the Season 4 finale!!!

After a whirlwind tour of water parks and windmills this season, the crew travels to Decatur, Georgia where we learn what a reredos is and hopefully how to pronounce it. This will easily become one of your favorite episodes, it has such a gripping finish!

Let’s just take the pineapple and call it a day

All of us here at Black Dog Salvage have fond memories of checking out this final WOW! Who isn’t tempted to grab the handle and .... well you'll have to watch to find out (we're not supposed to give it away). This 1920’s beauty is no longer gracing the Black Dog Warehouse so you won't find it in our online store!

Our custom shop has been on fire this year creating solid pieces with materials and finishes that evoke everything Black Dog Salvage stands for. With rich Bourbon Board and rough Iron Window Guards, the console build this week is no exception. This particular piece has been spoken for. What would your dream custom project be?

Scott Boulevard Baptist Church had already donated much of the church’s appointments before the Dawgs were called in to capture the remaining architectural details. Arched marbled-glass windows with a regal purple and gold color scheme tower around the sanctuary. Robert and Mike get to probe the inner workings of the belfry to tackle the key reredos piece. While Team B had the freedom of choice 50’s era lighting down in the bible study rooms. Don’t take your eyes off the TV for a second. This one’s a shocker!

Hang on tight, 

Season 5 will be here before you know it! 

We will let you know when to expect new episodes of Salvage Dawgs as soon as DIY tells us!  
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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Have seen every episode multiples of times, don't care if they are reruns or not! Always interested in the places they take apart, but especially love the crew and the fact that you can tell they love what they do and don't take themselves so seriously. They get it done and I can't wait to see how they've repurposed their picked treasures! I definitely want to visit their store because I've got a couple of projects with which I think they could help me. I live close enough for a day trip or overnite- may need that much time to pour thru the whole place. I'll probably be like a kid in a candy store!!