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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hello Salvagers!

It’s the last double header of Season 4 with back-to-back premieres of Salvage Dawgs. We’re sticking close to home this week starting with the American Viscose Plant at the Roanoke Industrial Center. Then we travel up into the woods in nearby Moneta to harvest hand cut stone from a 1700’s cabin.

Better Living Through Hydraulics

Tay scores a Maytag Washing Machine Engine that has been repurposed as a water pump. See if he can get it started  or if this one goes in the project pile and Will Farmer from Farmer Auctions stops by to appraise a US Map dated 1853 from Youngwood High School in Youngwood, PA.

The Custom Shop partners with The Eye Site, Optometrists who want to shake up the traditional look of an Eye Care Center. We help them establish a mix of Industrial Chic with dispensing tables that are the focal point of their display space. Looking sharp, Eye Site!

Ready for another climb? Once again it’s 3 floors up with no elevator as the Dawgs take to the American Viscose Plant. Mike and Robert approach the removal of a Buzzer Furnace from their typical opposing angles. We find out why they call Tay “The Operator” as he maneuvers this 2700 pound pizza oven from a hole in the side of the building. But Grayson is the one who gets to angle grindin’ to remove the real jewels of this pick; large Fire Door Hardware Sets. 

Back in the olden days, you were lucky to find someone to professionally attend to your dental needs. Most often, you visited the local mercantile where the barber yanked your tooth out before giving you a nice straight razor shave. That's all we'll say about this week's "Wow".

Sticking close to home, the crew drives to Smith Mountain Lake to a cabin built in 1765. The only architectural details left to remove from these old ruins are the hand cut stones from two chimneys and massive stone stair treads. For 250 years these stones have held tight to their foundation until the Dawgs came along and brought them down. Imagine the landscaping that would result from these well-worn beauties.

When Gracie takes a break from VCU to work on a custom project, we all get an lesson in glass blowing at the Virtu Glass Blowing Studio. Watch as the Whiteside Siblings work together turn their hand-crafted glass cylinders into a wonderful chandelier piece. Not sure when they’ll have an opportunity to visit the studio again. Too bad because this Custom Light is already gone!

Right here in town, Ted, Robert and our favorite, Parker, do a little barn picking. Or, as I like to call it, four wheeling on company time. One minute the guys are doing some hard bargaining with owner, Rodney Lile. The next it’s like an episode of Dogs of Anarchy as Ted cruises the mean streets of SW County.  None of these finds are still available. Looks like the four-wheeler might have ended up at BDS2. Or the Whiteside house. Where did that go?

What? Only one episode left?? Join us again next Sunday for a riveting standoff with Scott Boulevard Baptist Church.

1, 2, 3, DAWGS!

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