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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our First Blog GIVEAWAY! Win a FREE handcrafted basket!

We are happy to announce our very first
Just arrived...beautiful (and durable!) elephant grass baskets,
handmade in Ghana by Rural Woman Co-operatives
guided by fair trade polices in support of
rural poverty alleviation.
We'll be giving away ONE of these five oval baskets.
To win, all you need to do is comment below with:
1) your favorite basket (of the five shown below)
2) how you would use the basket
We'll select a random winner at 9am
next Wedneday, October 28th.
Good luck!






Many styles/sizes also available!
Stop in to see them in person
Black Dog Salvage
Roanoke, VA.


dgoneau said...
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dgoneau said...

They are beautiful ! I would love to win the natural one,I could use it for my weaving supplies!

Anonymous said...

Here's my comment! I hope I win :)

I love the natural basket -- it would look great in my family room. I'd put all my knitting projects it in and it would serve as my visual reminder to get knitting! Late at night I could be knitting socks, watching TV, and not feeling guilty!

Frances Rogers

Eileen said...

WOW! All the baskets are lovely but the teal is my fave!

It would look great filled with dried flowers!


ps - Love your blog and follow it regularly! You've got some great stuff there - hope to visit next time I'm out East!

monicarockwell said...

Really love the teal basket, I would use it to hold entire mess of hand sanitizers my son thinks will save the world.

P said...

HI guys!! I would absolutely LOVE the Purple & Green basket!! My & my husband's favorite colors!!!

I think I'd like to use the basket as either a daily tote for small shopping, or as a beautiful plant holder even (once lined to protect it!)....maybe even in some holiday photos with our fur babies - they are red & black so they will look GOOD next to this basket!!! OOH! And I know a few puppies that would fit in one of these baskets to make for some great photos too! I have a collection of Bahamian hand made baskets too, from working down there for a few years...I LOVE baskets!!

PICK ME!!! :)

Pam Webber

Lauren said...

My fav is PURPLE GREEN. I plan to use said PURPLE GREEN basket to carry either (1) dirty clothes downstairs or (2) the pounds of veggies I will grow next year to friends and neighbors as a sign of my affection.


monicarockwell said...
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Danielle said...

I adore that last teal basket, but they are all so beautiful! I have so many ideas on how to use it - to carry eggs and other produce to work for my co-workers, perhaps as a market basket (depending on the size), decoration next to my fireplace (when I have one), perhaps to hold throw blankets in the living room?

I love your blog and shops, can't wait to visit again!
Danielle in Lynchburg

The Brock Blog said...

Cute baskets! My favorite is the natural. I would use it for my many grocery trips!! Love the store- thanks for the fun giveaway.

Beth Thomasson said...

Ooh ooh ooh! I want the natural one! It would be PERFECT in my den for to hold all of the things I want to read! Beautiful- and I love that some ladies around the world are making a living with their artistic hands.

Lisa said...

Oooh yay! I love the natural ones but they're all great. And hey, if I win, I can just walk down and pick it up. :) Oh, and I'd most likely use it to hold my crochet.

Abigail said...

just came upon your blog, i love it!! Great giveaway, I would use it for our family's park days, beach days, outside days. Such a good picnic basket as well. Thanks for the chance!

Heather said...

I adore the natural basket the most! I would use it to fill with my goodies from my local farmers market!

Troy said...

The natural basket would fit well in my office next to my desk.

Rosanna said...

Where would I use it,you ask? It's more like where couldn't you use a basket like this. The history that has already started just by the skill fingers who crafted this basket, to the story it will tell of it's travels through the generations to come. I would love to start the second chapter of story and many more.

Rosanna Honts