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Monday, October 19, 2009

Antique Salt Glazed Star Bricks - 170 square feet worth!

Star Bricks make for a fun accent inside or out...
Here's my Moses wishing he was out :)
This is our mudroom, where our Star Brick floor makes
a great spot to wipe feet and adds a little flair to the room.
* I copied the idea from Mike who has these in his foyer

known around here as 'Roanoke Star Bricks'

since we are the 'Star City'

or in Lexington as 'VMI or W&L Sidewalk Bricks' -

are still found in old rail towns throughout the states.

Click HERE to see how our client in Hudson, NY

used them for their restoration project.

Just arrived... 500 of them!

Apx 170 square feet.

available here @ Black Dog Salvage
* we can ship! just email us your zipcode for a quote.

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Lisa said...

I've had some of these off and on with different homes. They're so awesome!