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Monday, June 15, 2009

Custom Table with Aluminum Cradle Base - Customer Photos

We love hearing from our customers and
are always pleased to hear positive feedback.
Thank you!
We just received this from a client who recently purchased a custom dining table made from aluminum cradles. A good lesson that pictures rarely due justice! If you have a chance to come see us in person, please visit our warehouse!

"The table is an enormous hit! I'd previously sent out pictures to friends based on the picture on eBay, so everyone was surprised that the real table is much cooler than the photo suggests.
My sister-in-law (an art professor) and her husband (a retired professor of architecture at UVA) came over to ooh and ahh at the table yesterday, and they said unequivocally that it is the most interesting piece of furniture that we own. It looks astounding on our deck, which is surrounded by a lot of greenery (flowers, shrubs and trees). We bought apple green resin chairs to go with it, and between the glass top and the various shades of green and the aluminum base, the overall visual effect of the table is astounding. We're obviously very happy. Please pass that on to Mike and Robert."

Here are the Ebay pictures:

and the table in its new home:

We hope that it is enjoyed for many years
to come filled with fun al fresco memories!

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