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Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st Dibs ... for less

1st Dibs... $1500

Black Dog Salvage $525

If you haven't run across 1st Dibs yets... check it out... it's a wonderful site to browse through and be inspired... truely lovely items & designs... if you're able to afford the items, better yet.

We checked to see if we could join their list of dealers, but unfortunately they only offer a limited number of regions - hopefully one day Roanoke will be included... until then, it's worth checking out our website to see how much you can save! Since our overhead is a fraction of shops located in New York, LA, London, Paris... we can often offer items for much less.

Here's an example:

Antique Wrought Iron Gate (pictured above):
1st Dibs price $1507 (reduced from $2,010)
Black Dog price $525 (everyday low price!)

Happy Shopping!

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