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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Antique M. P. Moller Pipe Organ - circa 1917 salvaged from the former 1st Baptist Church in Bluefield, WV

The crew returned from salvaging the former 1st Baptist Church in Bluefield, WV with this.... a 1917 pipe organ!

Made by the M. P. Moller Company in Greencastle, PA.

For those who have updated to digital organs, the pipes would make a beautiful facade.  There are 32 total - the tallest is 109" and the shortest is 59 5/8".

We talked to Josh at Whitesel Organs in Harrisonburg, VA - he estimated that a full restoration would likely cost between $70,000-80,000 - still a bargin compared to the cost of a new pipe organ.

The wood pipes are stunning just by themselves! 

 Available here at:

902 13th Street SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

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Phil said...

M.P. Moller was based in Hagerstown, MD from 1881 on. Most people don't know that they were ever in Greencastle.

Two good things to add to your page would be the opus number (from the tag on the console) and the list of stops.

From the Organ Historical Society database, this is probably Op. 2672. See You should consider contacting them.

You also have a typo on the page. It says "updated" where it should say "downgraded."