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Monday, June 4, 2012

Salvage Job: Hopemont Hospital, Terra Alta, WV

Hopemont Hospital, Terra Alta, WV

The guys just got back from WV with some great industrial finds including these two sinks:

"Standard" Madenta Dental Lavatory
This adorable dental sink was popular at the turn of the century to avoid brushing your teeth and washing your hands in the same sink.  For more history, here are a couple links:
Vintage Plumbing
Retro Renovation

This was likely a scrub sink

For a brief history of the hospital (below) and photos, click HERE:
Hopemont State Hospital is in Preston County, West Virginia. It is located to the east of Terra Alta, WV. It was originally created as the West Virginia State Tuberculosis Sanitarium. According to the Geographic Names Information System, Hopemont has also been known as Rinards Crossing.

In 1911, the state Legislature funded a 60-bed sanitarium at Hopemont, which opened in 1912 in Terra Alta, WV. Hopemont was the state tuberculosis sanitarium from 1912 until 1965. It was located on farm land at a high altitude because low temperature and the high altitude were thought to help cure the TB patients. The location, called Snowy Creek, was in close proximity to the train, making the facility readily accessible.
Established in 1911 by an act of the Legislature as the State Tuberculosis Sanitarium. In 1921, name was changed to the Hopemont Sanitarium and to the Hopemont State Hospital for the chronically ill, aged, and infirm in 1965.

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