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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seagrass Market Baskets for your Grocery Cart!

Just arrived!  Grocery shopping has never been so fun :)
Two sizes available to fit into your grocery cart!

Easy to transfer from the the car (or bus, train, cab, or your two feet!)... to home!

In addition to being stylish... think of all the plastic bags you'll save!

Available here in our Interior Design Marketplace
Black Dog Salvage
902 13th Street SW
Roanoke, VA 24016

OPEN Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I got a seagrass basket several years ago to put magazines in beside our chair and it is really tough material. It will hold up with a load in it even though it is a grass.

castors said...

That awesome moment when I saw one of these and think they are amazing.
Indeed they are.

Anonymous said...

These baskets are fantastic! I filled a large one up today -including milk- and it held about 30lb - no problem! The wire frame makes them really strong! And they fit in the Fresh Market green basket cart perfectly. Used NO plastic bags!