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Monday, February 8, 2010

A look inside one half of Devereaux House

Thought it might be fun to go behind the scenes of one of our favorite vendors.
As you may know, we have a growing Marketplace here at Black Dog, featuring a select group of merchants.
Devereaux House was started by two sisters,
Lisa and Helen, who share a love for antiques and collecting.
They were both nice enough to give us a little tour of their homes,
I can't wait to visit them in person!
First up... here's Lisa's home, which she designed and built with her husband.

Lisa found the incredible doors right here @ Black Dog.
For Roanoke locals... you may recognize the match to these
at Fork in the Alley.

The inspiration for their dream house came from the cover of A House on the Water.
(Great book, available here @ Black Dog)

Here's Lisa warming up by the fire with her pup, Sam.

Hope you enjoyed the tour :)
Next up... Helen's home... a former schoolhouse!

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