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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vintage Linoleum Floorcloths / Floor cloths

what a fun find!

vintage linoleum floorcloths

salvaged from a local church,
these are in great shape
with some wear and tear due to age
but overall very good condition

two sizes available:
large - 14.9 ft x 12 ft = $475
small - 12 ft x 9 ft = $375

available here @ Black Dog Salvage

Brief History of Floor Cloth (found HERE)
The use of floor cloths as painted decorative floor coverings began in early eighteenth-century Britain. Also known as oylcloth, painted carpet, common carpet, or summer floor mats, floor cloths were initially used by the wealthy to decorate entryways, hallways and dining rooms. Some were also used under dining tables to protect more expensive carpets from spills. They began to be used in America as early as the Revolutionary War. Initially most were imported from England, but soon there were domestic makers as well and the art form remained popular until around 1860 with the advent of linoleum. There was a revival in the 1950's through the popularization of authentic American crafts and the restoration of vintage homes.

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Marcia said...

I am very interested in this linoleum. We live in NM. Do you have tubes for it? How would it be shipped? Do you know anything about how to install it? Thank you, Marcia White