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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fiestaware - Artwork by regional artist Ibby Greer

Two new Fiestaware paintings have just arrived!

The vibrant colors make these come alive.

Paintings by regional artist Ibby Greer
Available here @ Black Dog Salvage
Artist's Statement:
My art is meant to bring the viewer back again and again to see new things in painting: not so much the thing itself (the cup or bowl or person) but the form: shapes, colors, ideas. I do not paint subjects or objects; i paint the shapes, shadows, and relationships that are seen by my artist's eye in the material before me. I have found that plates, cups, bowls, flatware, casseroles, egg dishes and other pieces of porcelain or pottery are good vehicles for my focus on shapes and shadows. And my palette knife work in bright colors finds meaning in groups of figures standing together. I see them as rectangles of color and relationship. Other people see people. I am also a poet and novelist, and in both painting and writing I try to evoke a smile and a nod of understanding, the "aha" moment.

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Anonymous said...

How thrilling to see more of Ibby's work!!! Can't wait to see them in person.... it will make coming home from the beach a little easier...