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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Black Lab in need of a home - Roanoke, VA

Update: Good News
This little guy found a great home!
we usually don't go by
Black Dog Salvage

but have been known to
have a black dog dropped off
a time or two

i just received this message
from a friend here in Roanoke, VA

if you are looking for a loveable pup,
give us a call & we'll put you in touch.
(540) 343-6200

Hello Family and Friends,

I'm writing to ask that you pass this on to all friends/ family that may be interested- or, if you are interested please let me know. A little over 3 weeks ago I found a stray male black lab approximately 1-2 years that is fixed and EXTREMELY sweet and loving calm for a lab doesn't jump- appeared to be well taken care of and has good manners and loves attention. After keeping him over night (he slept on my shoulder) awwwww..... I turned him into Animal rescue and also placed an ad in The Roanoke Times for him in hopes that his owners would find him. Sadly, nobody called on him and he has been at the rescue for 3 weeks. He has been evaluated and given shots and due to the shelter being full he would've been euphemized
today- I couldn't let this happen so I am getting him tomorrow and trying to find him his forever home. For those of you who know my Jager (my black lab/boxer mix) he is the same size as Jager and they could be twins. :-))) While I would LOVE nothing more than to keep
him I can't have 3 dogs --- for financial reasons and my Jagerdog doesn't take well to new attention in the home. I will be fostering him in hopes that he can find his forever home!!!!
Can you help?????

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